Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Bike!

For a variety of reasons, I decided to get a new bike. My mountain bike needs a lot of work, and frankly for living in a city with decent biking routes, I feel it's a good idea to be able to bike to places that aren't that far away.

Like the store, to get beer, pickles, tomatoes and chips for the BBQ we're having today.

Helmet - Check. Sunglasses - Check. Bike basket - Check. Neon orange safety shirt - Check

Off I go!

Of course, as we all know you can't buy beer before noon on a Sunday. . .

So I return mostly successful about 45 minutes later.

Not bad at all.

The ultimate goal is to bike to work on nice mornings like this. My office is big enough that I can store my bike in it even