Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Almost SAFF!

Every few years I get a hankering to go to SAFF.  This year, not only am I going to SAFF, I'm going with a bunch of ladies both local and from far away.  I was recently sifting through old photos I'd uploaded, so here's a fun slideshow!

I also realized that some of this stuff I still haven't spun or knit with!  I need to correct that!

Yes.  I do plan on re-creating this image this year!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Frog Pond

Sometimes, in a knitter's life, you have to decide to let go. 

The Vermillion Cliffs Cardigan looked great!  I swatched and got gauge perfectly.  No problems with the cable, but it was more fiddly than I liked. 

Then I started to not really like knitting on it.  I asked myself, and I asked my knitting friends, keep knitting on or frog?


And restarted into something I"ll get much more use out of, and enjoy knitting much much more.