Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bad Blogger, again!

Wow, was it really September the last time I blogged?  Wow.  I stink at this.  Then I just post a pattern for sale and nothing more?  What a bad, bad blogger

So, new developments!  Jeff and I are organizing a fariy festival, the Festival of Legends!  That is a fun and stressful venture.

I have just published my first pattern in Ravelry, and a "buy now" button is there on your right!

I have knit and crocheted a ton of stuff (more than what's pictured here), so here is a picture dump!

Whew!  I feel better now, don't you?  I clearly need to take more pictures of things I've knit, too.

Twisted Linen Sun Hat

My first designed hat!  Available for just $1.00!

Made out of worsted weight linen yarn, this hat is comfortable and breezy.  IT will keep the sun off your face without making your head hot.  The twisted little hurricane type stitches are ones that I *think* I made up ( I at least didn't find them anywhere), although I know that there are no original thoughts.

Buy it here, or from the link on the right!