Monday, June 30, 2008

Three things I absolutely love

My husband Jeff


The pit group furniture.

Okay, so the first one doesn't require any explanation. The second one is tied very tightly to the first. The third one will be an enigma to those who don't know me very well.

Since my husband is a teacher, he has summers off. So not only is summer the time we get to take vacations (like the one to Disney and Savannah from which we just returned, pictures are coming) it also is a time of year when we are able to really get the house cleaned. By "we" I really mean Jeff because he dedicates the first couple of weeks of his summer vacation to super-cleaning the house and getting in order some "summer chores" or major projects to undertake.

One of those for this summer was child-proofing the game room. Not for us, (not yet at least) but for our friend's son Alfie (whom you've seen featured here frequently). It will become incredibly useful for us in due time, but since the young lad is nearly ambulatory, the time to do it was now.

We got home last night at around 6 PM. Energized and having taken a portion of the car ride time to contemplate how we would successfully child-proof the game room, we ate a light dinner and got right to it.

This brings me to why I so love that pit group furniture. It's 2.5" sections of the most coma-inducingly comfortable couch. We have 10 of such coma-inducing pieces, all of which is currently housed in the game room.

Since I was a major contributor to last night's cleaning frenzy I can say that I'm proud of what we've gotten done so far, and while it's not 100% complete, it's probably 90%. We're missing baby gates and outlet covers, and some of the weapons must be moved. The former two will be remedied soon, the latter will be remedied as the children involved get more and more mobile, until we need to put them in storage until they're old enough to be trusted not to play with them.

And so, without further ado, the pictures:

The gaming area

The "kid" area

The stairs down and up to main level (need 2 baby gates here)
The TV/video game area (need 1 baby gate here, plus a childproofer for the cabinet)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Knitting and Spinning fun!

Mom Kass's felted vest is coming along very nicely. It has all of its edges bound up in cotton, and it's ready for it's trip through the washing machine. I'm overall extremely happy with the way it's going. Not doing miles upon miles of stockinette stitch is definintely good for my hands. I like the challenging, finishing stuff!

Here is Jeff modeling it and Callay giving it one nose up!

I also spun up some more absolutely gorgeous yarn for market, I think I'm going to call this one Rumplestiltskin.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Opinions Sought

I'm making a very simple shrug out of my first handspun. I'll post the pattern when it's done, but it's basically a rectangle with a circular border. My quesion is this: The first handspun yarn is blue and brown. There isn't nearly enough of just it to make what I have in mind, so I'm using it for the main part, and I spun more to work as the border.

I thought a dark brown/light brown ply would work well, and this one has some black in it as well. I think I like it, but I want to get some others' opinions on this color combination.

Fire away!


Extreme close-up

And, as a side, you know you've got to go food shopping when this is what you come up with for dinner.

I call it baconcheesepeas. Acually, it's really really good. Kinda like macaroni and cheese, but with peas instead. A healthy South Beach recipe maybe?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Choices, choices

Said Callay "Let's see, I have two beds within about 2 feet of each other. Or. . ."


ahhh, papasan.


Despite the fact that it's supposed to be 103 here today, I put on some wool socks to model them. The things we do for art.

I'm calling these my flag socks. The pattern, Broadripple, I think is absolutely perfect for what this sock yarn does.
Why thank you, yes they do stripe nearly identically, thank you for asking!

I also finally have a picture of my first attempt at "froggy feet"
I like it! I think I'm going to dye some really REALLY bright yellow for a certain MIL who just adores yellow.

Lastly, we spent last week in Michigan. It was for a sad occasion, the death of Jeff's grandfather, but we made a very nice trip out of it. On the way back we saw this jackass: