Friday, March 28, 2008

Why I love Crochet.

It's fast.

I started this project on Monday night.

It was done and felted on Wednesday, and it only took that long because I was waiting to do a load of laundry.

It was dry on Thursday.

Great Customer Service

I emailed Lantern Moon just after making this post on Sunday. Monday I heard back from Carma, and she sent out not only a replacement needle for the one that broke, but two more in size 2, just in case I break another one on my trip. Then I asked about the size 1s I also have, and even though I haven't broken one, she sent me 3 backups! How's that for customer service?!?

Oh, and I love their DPN protection technology.

Stuff them through the holes in corrugated cardboard!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Apparently I should be a little more gentle when I K2Tog. Snapped that ebony needle right in two. I'm looking forward to experiencing the reportedly excellent customer service from Lantern Moon.

Well, at least this forced me to make a picture of a project I'm working on!

More knitting content

Considering this is a knitting blog, it seems appropriate that I post more. . . well, knitting.

How is this for a bad knitblogger? I get a pair of socks almost totally completed, but don't blog about it. This isn't ravelry infidelity either, I'm posting it to Ravelry at the same time as I'm posting it here!


But I love the way these are turning out I never would have expected the yarn to pool into cool stripes the way it did, but I love them. They're made from Cascade Fixations Sock yarn, and they're soooooo comfortable.

In other news, I loved the yarn I'd made for trade to another raveler so much I had to make more. So I made three 150 yard skeins of it.

So why are there only two in this picture? Well, I had made them last week, and took them to market with their high but totally fair price tags on them. It was amusing watching people ooh and ahh over how pretty, how soft the yarn is, then turn their attention elsewhere when they see the price tag.

Actually, that really made for a couple of great sales when they saw my "recycled sweaters" skeins of yarn (sold two of those)

But the reason there are only two in that photo? One sold! To an awesome friend from the dojo who found by blog, and then fell in love with that hank of yarn! So for the kickoff to Farmer's Market, I think I did pretty darn good!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rain Chain!

Hi Mom and Dad!. Thanks for the rain chain! I finally got it totally set up!

And hooray for rain!

Recycled fun!

I've been frogging and dyeing sweaters here the past few weeks, in preparation for the farmer's market.

I discovered last year that people tend to quail at the prospect of a $40 skein of yarn (200 yards of my handspun!) so wanted to get something of a reputation for having nice, affordable yarn as well as the gorgeous, artistically spun yarn that every so often someone can't relinquish the desire for.

Here they are!

First was an awful green sweater. Huge, full of cables, and a nasty green color. I overdyed it to make Mom's Mother's Day present last year. I dyed up the rest green with the same green as I dyed Jenny's Fetching and Fetching hat.

Next is grey sweater that wasn't bad, but was just too bulky for this weather. It also had a bunch of intarsia on it that I made into the thrift store stiff crocheted felted bowl which has made it on to my ravelry waitlist.

And here's that bowl, prefelted. I haven't gotten around to felting it, I'm waiting for a load to go in the washer. Water restrictions suck.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spinning accomplishment

So even though she won't get it until May, here's my Mom's birthday present.

It's EXACTLY 600 yards, which is precicely what she needed for the scarf she wants to make, and weighs in at a whopping 9.5 ounces. This is going to be one nice warm scarf! This is also the largest single skein I've spun so far. I'm quite impressed both with myself and with that jumbo flyer. It's really a great workhorse!

A lady on the knitty board had asked if I'd gotten in to my brown/white/rust striped roving. Some of it has gone in to this very yarn, but as Mom really didn't like the rust on its own, it's been blended. Here's a side-by side of before and after blending. It really makes the rust almost disappear and become part of a very nice brown.