Sunday, April 29, 2012


As it turns out, Thrums are fun!  These super warm socks were not as challenging as I thought, and took about 12 - 14 hours to complete.  The thrumming process was more fiddly than anything, but using the Louet Norhern Lights pencil roving certainly did help make the thrums even.  I think I may make another pair with my alpaca roving for myself.

I didn't try them on, since they're for someone else, but my hand was HOT when I was kitchenering the toes!

The best part?  How cool they look when turned inside-out!

Like deranged muppet parts!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


It's less than 30 days until the opening of our Festival, and the stress is building.  We're having some issues with our liquor license, and we're counting on a bunch from our alcohol sales in revenue.  We will at least have mead, but no beer?  It's not a festival without beer!

So, I try to stay calm, and try to keep knitting.

I'm knitting socks with faeries on them.  It helps. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Killer Mead

A while back we bought a gallon jug of Killer Bee honey, and I've been waiting for the inspiration for what to do with it.  We came across a final bottle of our homebrewed Pom-Apple mead and I was inspired.  So I bought apple juice, pomegranate juice, and this time, HOPS!  to add to it  The recipe is as follows:

1 gal killer bee honey
2 gal Apple Juice
32 oz (1/2 gal) Pomegranate juice
Water to bring it to ~5 gal
2 oz Mount Hood American Brewmaster Leaf Hops

2.5 tsp yeast nutrient
4 tsp high alcohol yeast nutrient
1 package dry mead yeast

Man.  Who knew how hard stuffing leafy hops into a tiny bottle neck could be!

Can't wait to taste this.  The current alcohol potential is 17%  I'm hoping it'll stop with a residual ~3-5% sugar which will make it about 12-14% alcohol


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Ahhh Wednesday.  Halfway through a workweek.  My workweeks have actually been pretty full, a far cry from the crappy summer of data entry and begging for more work.

Of course, the biggest WIP is still the festival of legends, and with it, our Kickstarter Campaign.  It is pretty seriously hilarious and you should check it out.

In the world of knitting however, my only WIP that isn't in time-out is a pair of socks.  Broadripple patterned stripey socks.  Broadripple works super well with long-repeat yarns, and it tends to be my go-to pattern.  Easy to memorize, only two rows of lace, and it makes a pretty comfy sock without too much of a decrease in its stretchiness because of the decreases (I'm looking at you Jaywalker!)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bad Blogger, again!

Wow, was it really September the last time I blogged?  Wow.  I stink at this.  Then I just post a pattern for sale and nothing more?  What a bad, bad blogger

So, new developments!  Jeff and I are organizing a fariy festival, the Festival of Legends!  That is a fun and stressful venture.

I have just published my first pattern in Ravelry, and a "buy now" button is there on your right!

I have knit and crocheted a ton of stuff (more than what's pictured here), so here is a picture dump!

Whew!  I feel better now, don't you?  I clearly need to take more pictures of things I've knit, too.

Twisted Linen Sun Hat

My first designed hat!  Available for just $1.00!

Made out of worsted weight linen yarn, this hat is comfortable and breezy.  IT will keep the sun off your face without making your head hot.  The twisted little hurricane type stitches are ones that I *think* I made up ( I at least didn't find them anywhere), although I know that there are no original thoughts.

Buy it here, or from the link on the right!