Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New year, Better Blogger

New year, New Layout, New goals. 

Like the new layout?  Apparently in my bad blogging times Blogger came up with all sorts of new tools for making a blog look cool.

My goal is to blog at least once a week.  If nothing else than to keep up with knitting (and other) projects I'm working on.  I do like the slightly cliched WIP Wednesday, so let's start with that. 

The most awesome Jackie of Feathers for Pleasure has been cleanin out her Mom's attic, and keeps coming across spinning stuff.  She came by with a bag full of comercially prepped wool that I'm guessing is Corriedale.  So I dyed some of it in a gradient and made a Tappan Zee

It's about 99% done, all blocked and the ends woven in, I'm just searching for the perfect buttons.

I also finally finished Jeff's absolutely gorgeous hand processed hand spun sweater!

Man does it look good on him!

This is how I spent my past Sunday, with more of the commercially prepped corriedale, a cup of coffee and my favorite spinning wheel.

After our friend Phil had blinged it out!

I haven't yet decided what the brown wool will turn in to, but I will certainly have a lot of it.  I'm currently filling the 7th bobbin.  While Ashford bobbins aren't the biggest, at the thinness I'm spinning, there should be somewhere around 200 yards on each bobbin.  I'm planning on a 2-ply, so it should be a sweater's worth of yarn!

Ooh, maybe I'll ply it with the reddish roving I got from SAFF.  Stretch it just a little more, and have a gradiented yarn like I made the Tappan Zee out of. . . hmmmmmmm.

How's that for blogging?

Bad Blogger

Not only do I not blog frequently, when I have a perfectly bloggable event happen, I don't even take proper pictures so I can blog about it!

This past Saturday I went on a cleaning spree, and once the bathroom was done,I put all fo the bathmats in the wash and set them to go.

The washer stops, and I ask Jeff to put it into the dryer, but he finds it to still be full of soapy dirty water, and apparently one of the bathmats has completely disintegrated, sending little carpet threads and nasty plastic sand through the pump.


Sure enough, after a bit of sleuthing it would appear that the pump is either burned out or clogged. It's a nearly 10 year old machine, so this isn't too upsetting. Worst case scenario we get a new washer, right? However, I'm not the type to just toss something that may be fixed so I get out my handy Reader's Digest Household Hints and Handy Tips book (Thanks Mom and Dad! Best book ever!) and look up what might be the problem.

I break out the putty knife and open the front and sure enough, the pump is sitting there, hot and not really pumping out any water.

Break out the hose and start bailing the washer, including all of the junk that came from the disintegrated rug. Then carefully pull off the hoses connected to the pump.

Did you know that there's still about a half gallon or so water left in the bottom of the washer's basin even after getting all the water out of the basket? I didn't.

Glush! All over the floor, me, and down the register. I start trying to dam the water away from going down the drain and all the time shouting for Jeff (who was in the bathroom and couldn't hear me). So there I was, fiercly pinching shut the hose from the washer with my left hand, and pushing water away from the air register with the right and shouting for Jeff to come help.

He's shows up to my panicked cries, and we get it mopped up. Fortunately not much went down the vent and Jeff was able to mop it up with his much longer arms. We flush out the basket with fresh water until no more carpet bits or backing comes out, and I run water through the clogged parts of the pump until it works.

The question then was is the pump burned out, or is it salvageable? I get out my handy voltmeter and determine that the motor is still conducting normally, so I'm hopeful.

A bit of a struggle to get the hoses reattached, curse words and a cry for some vegetable oil to lube this %$^& thing may have been uttered, but I finally got it back together and plugged back in. We poured a couple of gallons of fresh water into the basket and turned the washer to pump it out. . . .


Without a $200 service call from Sears.

Go me!

Unfortunately there are no pictures though, because I'm a bad blogger.

Maybe for 2011 I should have a set blogging schedule. Even if there's nothing to say, I will blog!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Goodbye 2010. I'm really not sure what I did to piss you off, and I'd like to apologize.

Hello 2011. I'm hoping we started the year off on the right foot, and that this year is better than last for me and my family. I'm going to start recording the good things that happen this year, more than I did for last year.

Let's start the year off with a lovely finished object!

Made this hat for my friend Angela. Fisherman's Wool, with needle-felted accents.