Sunday, January 21, 2007

Older Quilted FO's

So here are a number of items I've made for family members over the years.

The first one is a bag I made for my nephew Ben for his second birthday. Plus, a cute Nemo Fish from the Disney Store

Next is a jacket I made for my sister-in-law, Amanda. I had a lot of fun making this. It is made up of 5 small quilts that were then cut into jacket shape, finished with french seams on the inside and a bias strip of the homespun on the outside. Probably the hardest thing about this one was cutting the quilts after they were made!

This one is a blanket I made for Ben for his first birthday. It has cars on it and he LOVES cars!

It's in the background, but he still loves it! He will put his feet on the colors he's learned. Smart AND cute!

This is a quilted purse I made for my Mom to sell to a Red Hat Friend. It has an origami fabric flower in the center!

The next two are, open and closed, pictures of a quillow I made. It's the log cabin in the center of the first pic.

This one is a pillow I made for my mom and dad as a housewarming present. no, I didn't piece it, but I quilted it!

This is a red, white and black quilt I made for my niece, Ally. (Cute just runs in their family!) Sharply contrasting colors like that help stimulate baby's brain! Hooray for smart nieces and nephews! (note that I used black and white and sharply contrasting colors in the one for Ben, too!)

Finally, I have a sewing machine cover I made for myself. The pattern came from my Mom's stash of patterns

That's all for now. I do have a lot more FO's, but need to get family members to send me pictures. I've not been great about takng pictures of things before sending them off, but hopefully that will be changing!

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