Saturday, March 3, 2007

Almost there!

Here's Friday's picture and Saturday Morning. Doesn't look like the guys did a ton of work, but that's because most of the work was wiring and boxing in the bay window. They put the fan support in the wrong place, but I guess they'll have to fix that today or Monday.

Oh, and Callay, the greyhound, slipped out while they were loading their trucks up to leave. She pushed past the barrier and was off. Luckily she stopped to try and tangle with a cat, and the distraction allowed the guys to catch her again. They're very lucky and I had a long conversation with them again about how fast greyhounds are and how they should just use the dog door plate like I"d said. grrr. I"ll have a talk with the main guy about it when he comes today to fix the fan.

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