Thursday, June 12, 2008

Opinions Sought

I'm making a very simple shrug out of my first handspun. I'll post the pattern when it's done, but it's basically a rectangle with a circular border. My quesion is this: The first handspun yarn is blue and brown. There isn't nearly enough of just it to make what I have in mind, so I'm using it for the main part, and I spun more to work as the border.

I thought a dark brown/light brown ply would work well, and this one has some black in it as well. I think I like it, but I want to get some others' opinions on this color combination.

Fire away!


Extreme close-up

And, as a side, you know you've got to go food shopping when this is what you come up with for dinner.

I call it baconcheesepeas. Acually, it's really really good. Kinda like macaroni and cheese, but with peas instead. A healthy South Beach recipe maybe?

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