Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update on Callay

After a nerve-wracking week, wondering if our precious greyhound has cancer, it's been determined with fair certainty that she does not. Although they weren't able to determine exactly what's causing her pain, they're hoping that some time spent recouping, with a decent load of pain meds will make her feel better.

Instead of a greyhound in pain, I have a rather stoned greyhound.

I'll take it.

"whatchu talkin' bout? I'm not stoned. . . Where are the cookies?"

The rawhide you see between her paws is one of three litmus tests I placed around the house to see how she's feeling. She hasn't really wanted food, and has needed coaxing to eat. She's also been acting like her jaw hurts, and so hasn't wanted hard biscuits or rawhides, or even greyhound crack, a greenie. So I left one of each of them on the floor, in places near to where she'll lay down if she's at home. Today the greenie went, and she started in on one of the softer rawhides. I think she's feeling better.

She also has much better neck posture today, actually holding her head up instead of looking at the ground.

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Jennifer said...

Awww...she looks very, um, peaceful.