Monday, September 28, 2009

Brown Sheep FIber Swap!

Goody Goody! Goodies!

On Ravelryy, a secret swap was organized; exchange some Brown Sheep fiber plus goodies that didn't exceed $15, and pamper someone you hardly know. On my end, I had the fun of sharing my absolute favorite coffee with a fellow coffee junkie, plus gave her some of my lovingly blended batts and a new drop spindle. I just love enabling people!

I got my package today as well (I guess everyone had the good idea to ship Priority!)

In it I found:

Some beautifully hand-dyed roving, lovely freshwater pearl stitch markers, some awesome looking tea, some hand-dyed silk noil scraps, plus some coccoons to play with, silver thread, beads, butterfly beads, a teeny tiny crochet hook, recipe cards for dog cookies, dog-themed cookie cutters, and. . . a mystery item. It is a square-round piece of wood, with a piece cut out of it. I can't wait to find out what it is and what I'm supposed to do with it!

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Jennifer said...

What a great swap package! No idea what the mystery item is...