Friday, August 17, 2007

First yarn for the Farmer's Market

So I decided, in order to continue to support my craft habit and to have more motivation for making yarn, to sell some of the yarn I have spun.

Of course, to do that I actually needed to decide what my time and efforts are worth. I want to send a big thank you to the ladies on the knittyboard who gave some helpful advice, and that this link from Abby's yarn is a great one for the enterprizing new spinner.

In light of the information in that post, and after timing myself on how long it takes to spin this sport-weight yarn, I have decided to sell my yarn based on yardage and material. It makes sense, it will take me a whole lot less time to spin up bulky weight yarn than lace weight.

This particular pair of skeins is spun from Brown Sheep Mill ends roving. The total weight is 6.65 ounces (so a material cost of $4.19), and the total yardage (both skeins) is 270. It will be sold at the local farmer's market or online for $0.20/yard, which with the number of hours invested in preparing it comes to around $7/hour for my work. I think that's reasonable, fair, and is properly respectful of the art that handspinning yarn really is. Check out the Heathen Handicrafts link at the left for more information or to order. More to come.

Oh, and it's name is Cherry Cordial.

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