Saturday, November 10, 2007


Dear adorable little jumper,

Oh, how I've tried to like you. I bought the softest yarn, I made you machine-washable so that the recipient's mom wouldn't have a problem with your care. I bought such bright colors that will go so well on my little niece.

But the acrylic started to hurt my hands. I was introduced to what a wonder and joy real wool can be. But I tried. I really tried to finish you. For Ally.

Then, after an entire evening of knitting on you, I see this.

Need a close up?

Yeah. Kinda forgot a whole ton of decreasing.

Decreasing that should have happened at the beginning of the time I sat down to knit you. Knitting that would have made the end go so much faster. Damn you, directions that are split between pages!

So do I finish you, or do I send to to the frog pond where you belong and start again with a nicer yarn. Or do I make you into a sweater? A big, bulky sweater using 2 strands of yarn at once so it's over fast, like a band-aid pulled off a hairy arm.


Purpinth said...

Hi, I'm the one from Dunedin NZ who saw your blog via Ravelry - clicked on it because I am also knitting in acrylic and using the same colours! It sort of made sense to me to have sky blue for the top if there is grass at the bottom! I am about to unravel it for the third time, having misread one of the instructions, plus finding seed stitch 'unnatural' when being used to rib! But I am undeterred, it's for my adorable new niece Alice, who lives in Australia, so am spurred on by the prospect of photos of her wearing it. I plan to make polymer clay buttons to match the poppies and I am also sewing some shoes to match, with the same buttons as accents. Luckily Alice is only 10 weeks old, plenty of time to make the six month pattern + shoes! Your blog is great, by the way. :)Jacinta

Michelle said...

Hi Jacinta!

So glad you like the blog. The Anouk turned out really well in acrylic, my niece has worn it a couple of times now. Keep at it! Acrylic frogs just fine and you'll get it!