Sunday, November 25, 2007

Productive Thanksgiving!

So after actually very little debate at the LYS, it was concluded that the Anouk was best like this. One flower, and four adorable buttons. I can't believe I was able to find buttons that perfectly matched the flower I already had on there. The button holes work well, although they do catch a little on the flower petals. If Amanda has problems with it I"ll figure out a solution. But the important thing is it's done in time for Ally's 1st birthday! Not that she'd necessarily remember and be annoyed that she didn't get anything for her birthday, but it was important to me to set and meet the deadline.

Amanda may still want more flowers on it (which is fine), but it's easier to add flowers than take them away.

Also, for her 1st birthday pictures, Ally's getting her pictures taken in an adorable green Christmas dress. Amanda came up with the great idea of wanting elf booties for her to wear. So based on this link and blowing up the size to meet the actual size of her foot (which Amanda traced a shoe for us) Mom and I came up with these!

Productive Thanksgiving, no?


amylin said...

What a cute dress! Nice blog you have.

Eric Schwenke said...

Hm.. Eric left himself logged in to google. But anyway, those elf shoes are adorable!