Saturday, March 15, 2008

Recycled fun!

I've been frogging and dyeing sweaters here the past few weeks, in preparation for the farmer's market.

I discovered last year that people tend to quail at the prospect of a $40 skein of yarn (200 yards of my handspun!) so wanted to get something of a reputation for having nice, affordable yarn as well as the gorgeous, artistically spun yarn that every so often someone can't relinquish the desire for.

Here they are!

First was an awful green sweater. Huge, full of cables, and a nasty green color. I overdyed it to make Mom's Mother's Day present last year. I dyed up the rest green with the same green as I dyed Jenny's Fetching and Fetching hat.

Next is grey sweater that wasn't bad, but was just too bulky for this weather. It also had a bunch of intarsia on it that I made into the thrift store stiff crocheted felted bowl which has made it on to my ravelry waitlist.

And here's that bowl, prefelted. I haven't gotten around to felting it, I'm waiting for a load to go in the washer. Water restrictions suck.

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Heather the Cat Lady said...

The overdyed yarn looks great, especially the ex-gray-sweater yarn. So pretty!