Sunday, March 23, 2008


Apparently I should be a little more gentle when I K2Tog. Snapped that ebony needle right in two. I'm looking forward to experiencing the reportedly excellent customer service from Lantern Moon.

Well, at least this forced me to make a picture of a project I'm working on!

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Heather the Cat Lady said...

Sorry to hear about the needle snappage. If I have a size you need, I'd be happy to lend you needles for your trip to NO if you don't think the replacements will arrive in time. They'd be generic bamboo ones, though. :-)

My Ravelry stalking tells me that must be Piggle you're making. Cute!

PS: If you'll be at craft night on Wed, can you bring the ball winder? I'll need it soon to wind up the last SKB hank.