Monday, October 20, 2008

Ren faire fun!

One of the great things about the internet is how close it brings people. I've had a few of my handspun items available for sale at the Carolina Ren faire, and of course I knew that the presence of handspun and drop spindle kits would bring two things: gawkes from yarn muggles who don't truly know the value in handspun yarn, and oohs and ahhs from those yarn snobs that do. One lady who fell into the latter category was chatting as I was spinning, and we were talking about our respective spinning wheels, what we like to spin, and other such conversations. As I've always done when the conversation indicates to me I've found a real yarnie I ask if she's on Ravelry. She answers in the affirmative and we share screennames, only to realize that she's turtlegirl76, and we've chatted before on occasion in the forums of Ravelry as well as the forums for Knitty. Small world.

I have photographic evidence, but it's a pretty lousy shot of me. I'm tired and staring almost directly into the sun. She, on the other hand, looks gorgeous. So if you want to see a terrible picture of me, you'll just have to check out her blog!

So what's a fellow Raveler to do? I give her one of my handblended batts! She was so excited, and had said she needed the spinning pick-me up. It feels so good to re-inspire someone to spin!

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