Monday, October 13, 2008

Yarny Goodness!

The clickable picture has been available for a couple of weeks, but now it has been updated with a direct link to my handspun and handdyed roving available for purchase through Yarny Goodness!

I am super excited about this, and I'm hoping that sales through this website go very well. I'm all for more venues for supporting my craft habit!

Speaking of which, the weekend at the Carolina Renaissance Festival went fantastically. I decided to make up a few drop spindle kits and sell them. They went fantastically well! All 8 which I was able to make sold, and I'm going to go get more supplies and dye some roving for this upcoming weekend. The handspun had a couple of sales and a lot of interest, and I think I probably could have had one more sale, had I actually been there. Not that the adorable boys who are helping us didn't do a fantastic job, but there's just something different about speaking directly with the person who made it. I also have a tendancy to offer discounts to nice people, which will often cinch a sale, and the guys obviously couldn't take that into their hands and offer a discount on my stuff. Hopefully she'll be back though.

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