Thursday, April 21, 2011


Not only am I good at passing along the spinning bug for friends, I'm also excellent at finding yarn for my Mom's Project Linus group.  They (very, VERY unlike me) like to knit with acrylic.  Even ::shudder:: Lion Brand Homespun.  Friends have learned this and will often pass along their unwanted acrylic, whether it is leftovers from their stash or inherited stash yarn.

One such friend sent me an entire Tupperware full of it!

I do believe there's enough for two entire blankets made out of homespun, and at least two or three more of mixed Super Saver or Caron Simply Soft.

I can't wait to pass this along to Mom!


Jennifer said...

Look at all that boucle! Oh, the humanity...

HeatherS said...

Lion Brand Homespun almost put an end to my knitting. That stuff is so soft and tempting in the skein and the colors are so pretty, so I bought some as a clueless beginner. It about made me insane. It's so inelastic and yet stretches out of shape horribly when knit, and it splits and separates from the plastic core and ARRRGGGG. I gave it all to my mom and to be fair, she crocheted a very nice multicolored throw out of it. I think it crochets better than it knits, it'd HAVE to.