Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Again, a long hiatus, but I've been busy knitting!

Two sweaters completed (with the exception of buttons on one).

The first one is from A Fine Fleece, with a couple of modifications.  The original picture had very poorly set-in sleeves, which I don't particularly care for anyway.  So instead, I turned it into a raglan style sweater with the decreases hidden on the wrong side next to some c2f cables.  No button band either, I'm planning on just wearing it open or using a shawl pin to close it. 

This one is made from the Knitpicks Capra yarn, which is a lovely cashmere blend yarn.  It cabled beautifully and was wonderful to knit with.  I can't wait for fall to wear this one. I just need to find the perfect buttons for it!

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