Sunday, June 3, 2007

Another Stripe Gone!

So the top descriptor has changed, as Jeff and I successfully completed our tests for first brown. It was a really great test for us. Both of us made small mistakes on katas and such, but either the black belts didn't notice or they didn't think too much of it. I received a lot of compliments on my self-defense sets, and one of the black belts wants me to teach him some of them! I take that as a very high compliment from him!

One of the students who was testing with us, well, we knew ahead of time he was going to be trouble. He didn't come in to class, he obviously didn't practice, and we saw something we've never seen before. He didn't get stepped out on. He failed, and while the rest of us were told we had permission to walk the line for our belts, he was told to get back in to line. Oh. . . the tears. I have to say though I wholehartedly agree with Sensei Shaw's decision. I overheard him and another black belt discussing it afterwards and she said she wouldn't have felt good about passing him. He was going for his brown belt, and really did not show the level of energy and effort required.

But enough about the bad. The afterparty was fabulous. Another student had brought in bottles of water nestled in ice. Well, a few drinks later and the ice is going where? Down peoples' shirts. Fun times. I am proud to say I was the instigator of that. They got me good, though. Mr. Shaw decided it was time for my comeuppance, and he pinned me while some of the kid students poured cold ice water down my pants. brrr. I got him, though. My hand was free and there was a particularly large piece of ice within reach. I got it down his pants, and I think into his underwear! hee hee. good times.

I'll post pictures when I get them back. My friend and fellow student Kellie took a bunch of them and another student Peter videotaped the whole thing. I appreciate them greatly for what all they did.

So I'm sore all over, partially from the test, partially from the wrestling with the kids and Mr. Shaw afterwards. I think Jeff and I are going to go see Pirates, and then supposedly my boss is having a graduation party for his son, which we were planning on attending. I'll have to call and see if that's still on, because Tropical Storm Barry's remnants are currently dumping a lot of well-needed rain on the area. Hey, maybe my grass will grow!

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