Friday, June 8, 2007

First REAL Yarn! (and first fiber Friday?)

So last evening I finally got up the courage to go into that batt of roving I got along with the three ashford bobbins. Here is my product!

I think I started out with not enough twist, because it kept pulling apart in my hands. Then I adjusted my ghetto tension band (Thanks for the tips Jimbobspins!) and got some fairly steady yarn. Then I think I was getting tired and stiff in the shoulders because I way overtwisted the single and discovered it was because my ghetto tension band had loosened on me. I think I need a better handle for it, the one I made doesn't seem to stay consistent terribly well. So far I've been through two arms-length chunks of the roving. I'll need to borrow my friend's scale to see just how much I've actually spun, so I can get an idea for how much more I need to do.

Definitely a learning experience, and definitely fun! I can't wait to ply this and make something (Probably something felted to hide the mistakes!)

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