Monday, December 17, 2007

Is there a term for this?

Of course, when a crafty person has a friend who is pregnant, they will often make stuff for the baby.

At the shower, I presented them with the completed blanket. Which I just realized I completely forgot to take a picture of before giving it to them. Dammit. Oh well, I'll certainly see them and the baby often enough and will have the opportunity no doubt to snap a picture of him on it.

I also presented them with a nursing pillow form and fabric folded around it, simply because I didn't have the chance to complete it before the shower.

Anyway. The title of this post refers to an item which, after it is created, the baby is soon born. I seriously wonder if there isn't an official term for it, as it's been the topic of discussion rather frequently on the knitty board. Well, Ana and Eric are now safely in their newly finished house, and much of their stuff has even been unpacked and put into its rightful place. During the move when the comment was made that the simple relief of being moved would spur things along, Ana had said she hoped Ericsson would wait until Tuesday to be born.

So I hope I was in posession of the "craft item that the baby is waiting for." Because it's done now.

Safe delivery, Ana; Safe journey, Ericsson.

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