Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dying? No! Dyeing!

So the long hiatus from blogging was not for recovering from the trip to New Orleans, but rather because I caught a fairly nasty stomach flu that had me out for a few days. Then the weekend hit, with all its excitement, and here I am more than a week later blogging about what I've been up to.

First, I did completely finish those Nutkin Socks. I'd show you a picture, but I haven't taken one yet, and my friend's puppy decided to cuddle with my feet on Saturday. My feet which were clad with the Nutkin socks. This wouldn't ordinarily be a problem, other than the fact that it was hot out, and I thought that the little lab puppy might enjoy being sprayed with the hose. She did. She then proceeded to roll around in the clay dirt which is awaiting some ground cover growing in it. . . THEN decided to sit on my feet. Ahh, puppies. It's a good thing they're so cute.

I did however, venture into a realm I was nervous about. I dyed my own roving. I have always been afraid that I'd turn it into a felted rope which would be beautiful, but not very good for spinning. Marisa, the lady who I traded a hank of my handspun "Forest Path" for a pound cone of a yarn called Licorice Twist, told me she was hoping to get more handspun from me. Unfortunately, the color she's wanting is not one that I've purchased from Brown Sheep, and I couldn't really blend it up from what I did have. So I went out, bought some generic flavor drink packages, and proceeded to dye some of the white roving!

It's lovely.

Dyed Roving

This picture really doesn't do it justice. It's a little lighter than I was going for, but if Marisa doesn't like it, I think I've spun up enough to make me a bolero. Oh, and it smells all fruity! This is going to be like spinning Froot Loops!

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