Sunday, April 27, 2008

FO Roundup

I finally washed and blocked the Nutkins, and while I got a lot of the mud out, there's still a light tan stain in a couple of spots. Fortunately the pattern and yarn are busy enough that it doesn't really show.
Nutkins Finished

For those watching my Ravelry bars on the left, I cast on and have now finished my crosswalkers. They're comfy, but I'm really hoping that the "poof" on the side where the ribbing meets the pattern will ease out eventually. Maybue I should have done more rows of ribbing?
Crosswalkers finished

I finished one of 3 of the Piggles I'm doing for my cousin Jenny. It was really a close call on the yarn being enough to finish the hat! The second one I started with smaller needles (2.0 instead of 2.5) and I'm going to provisionally put in the pigtail holes, so that this will work better for the little baby, and the pigtail holes can be cut out when she, well, has hair!
Piggle Finished

And I've finally cast on for the first project for ME from my handspun!

Remember the long striping yarn I made a few months back?

That's destined to be a pair of knee socks for me!
Pippi Kneestockings

I've been busy!

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