Sunday, September 21, 2008

Zen Spinning

I love having a quiet evening at home. Tuesday I stayed in while Jeff went to karate, caught up with a few people on the phone, and talked the entire time on my bluetooth. Egads I love that thing. I spun three whole bobbins full while catching up: one with the last of the colored roving to make the berries and cream yarn, one with white to ply with it, and one of the delft yarn, which will hopefully bring me home on the Danish Tie Shawl. If it's not enough though, it should be just fine to finish with white. We'll see.

Then this weekend we had friends up and in-between gaming I spun up the gorgeous roving Heather dyed. I decided to split the roving into six pieces running lengthwise, prep and spin half for one bobbin, then prep and spin the other half for the other bobbin. The nearly 6 oz braid nearly filled two bobbins, then did fill my jumbo plying head with little effort. It's Ramboulliet, and apparently that wool in this roving prep wanted to be a heavy worsted, nearly bulky weight. I quite like it. It's very fall-colored, so being bulky will be nice for some outerwear. I have 265 yards, and I'm hoping that'll be enough for a small shawl/capelet. Something I can use with my new leaf shawl pin. I'm thinking something along this line, heavily modified to accomodate both my yarn thickness and quantity. I may need to spin more yarn, and perhaps use this just for the front panels. Since it's just a simple rectangle with holes for the arms, I could even find something cool, like a leaf pattern to add to the front. . . ahh the possibilities.

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Jennifer said...

Love the fall colors! I'm glad the season is finally here...