Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008: the projects!

Merry Christmas everyone who reads this blog!

Mom got her monkey brain socks, and loves them.

She also got back her quilt shown in the last post along with some extra quilt pins. She was thrilled, and said something to the effect of "it feels like a real quilt!" :) I'm going to help her trim the batting and even up the backing. She's planning on simply pulling the backing around to the front for binding.

Dad got his earl grey socks plus these cute fishook slippers I made based off of the Fuzzy Feet pattern from Knitty. He also got a neat tool Jeff picked out. Amazingly, we actually found a tool Dad didn't already have.

Jeff got his black/green socks he's been wanting for a while.

Mom and Dad Kass haven't received their Christmas presents yet, so I won't spol it here, in case they read it!

Amanda got a handknit sweater, and Ally got a handknit hat, which I am promised pictures of soon.

Jeff got a loom from me, for which pictures are forthcoming. I'll give the pictures of that its own post. I'm so excited by this. Just how much he's enjoying it, and how he's asked me to go ahead and do all the shopping for him for yarn. Me? Shop for yarn? Oh, the torture.

Jeff got me an Ashford drum carder, which I have already played with, but didn't take pictures of yet. I have already made a few fun and pretty batts. I'm going to greatly enjoy playing with my new tool!

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