Thursday, December 4, 2008

Title of the blog. . .

Let's see. According to the title of this blog I knit.


And I quilt

Double check

The first is my much-loved Danish Tie shawl. The main reason I haven't posted a picture of it sooner is I'm always wearing it, and I'm terrible at taking a picture of myself!

The second I can't take full credit for. It's a friendship quilt with blocks made by the ladies from my Mom's quilt guild up in Michigan, and finished by Mom. Well, there may have been a little prodding on my part to work on it, but really the work is hers. The only problem is she doesn't care for machine quilting. So I offered to quilt it for her. It turned out great, and only took one long evening to complete. My neck is rather sore, but it's done! Mom's going to put the binding on and do some hand quilting in the two center squares (They're both appliqued). I am, however, contemplating wrapping this and putting it under the tree!

Oh, I would also like to point out the particularly awesome quilt displayer I have. His name is Jeff :-D

The only drawback? Now I want to quilt. . . Anyone know where I could get a few extra hours in a day?


Heather the Cat Lady said...

Nice quilt! I'm with your mom, I hate machine quilting too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Although I can name a few of the squares on your quilt - it's beautiful, by the way - I do not recognize the shape of the third square down in the centre.

Does it have a name? Where is it from? (Meaning I would like to find a template for it.)

Quilting does not produce the same passion in me as knitting does, but that square is quite intriguing.

Great work,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca