Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fuzzy, very fuzzy

The yarn for Hodge is done, and I'm just waiting to hear from him and get an address for where to send them. I really hit the peak of softness on these yarns. The purple is especially squishy, and for reasons I haven't figured out, even though they appear to have the same approximate yarn dimensions and such, the blue one has less yardage. Oh well. A total of 3.5 ounces each skein, and 130-140 yards each. appx 608 ypp, so aran-bulky weight, which is about what I was going for. This will make a very nice warm hat for him!

For myself, I've finally mustered up the courage to spin the tri-color alpaca I bought at SAFF. Oh my this is heavenly to spin. I actually keep forcing myself to stop just so I can enjoy this for longer. There are a few bits of chaff and tiny flecks of straw, but the preparation is so light that I'm usually able to simply blow on the roving and have the chaff fall out.

I'm working towards an even 2-ply fingering to lace weight yarn, and I'm planning on making a super-soft against the skin cowl for myself. Probably Abby from Knitty.

I started with just under 4 ounces, and split it in half weight wise, and am spinning the singles onto separate bobbins. Then I'll ply. Cross your fingers that they end up being the same length. If they aren't I don't know what I'll do. I've had success with short lengths of essentially andean plying leftover ends. I'll attach the remaining single to the wheel, walk the remaining bit out and then fold it back on itself. If it's close, I'll do that. If it's nowhere near close, I'll probably try to ply the remaining little bit into 2-ply off of my ball winder. maybe I'll try to reserve that mini-skein for petting purposes!

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