Friday, January 30, 2009

Just batty

After the snow, there was plenty of time for crafting, and I have been totally loving on the drum carder Jeff got me for my birthday. So much so I keep forgetting to take pictures of things before I spin them, but at least I remembered with this one!

This batt is destined to become a mixed worsted/woolen style spun single, worsted to aran weight. It's for a friend who currently lives in AZ, and who got yarn from me previously, ran out, went to a box store to find something similar, and decided mine is too nice!

It's mostly Punta wool from Brown Sheep, with about 5% baby alpaca mixed in. My that baby alpaca is nice. It adds a nice hand to the spinning, is super soft and warm, and will hopefully make finishing his hat very nice for him! The companion batt to this is already spun up. It has the same base colors, but replace orange with purple. He has an orange/purple theme to his Ren Faire costume. Hopefully when I see him this fall I'll have a chance to get a photo of the finished product!

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Jennifer said...

Ooh, that's pretty... I have a thing for orange lately.