Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wow Wowio!

A bit ago, I included the wowio widget at the bottom of the page, just out of curiousity for how many people read my blog, what they read, and where they come from. I see a lot of people from knitty and ravelry (Hi friends!) I see people who came to my blog directly, rather than from a link (Welcome, and I hope you enjoy it. If I'm on your list of bookmarked pages, I'm honored!) , and I see people who have come here from Google (welcome to you as well). One had googled bruised heel in google images and of course the broken fat pad from my blackbelt test came up.

Just today I noticed someone from Milverton, Canada who followed a google link and was reading one of the posts from when Callay (my greyhound) had her lipoma removed. To the reader from Milverton, Canada, I hope your greyhound is doing okay. If you have any questions about what mine went through that weren't answered in the blog posts, or if you just want to talk, please comment!

Also, I followed the link back and discovered that if you google for Lipomas in Greyhounds, my blog is the #1 google hit!

I feel like such a dork for being excited about that.

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Melissa said...

The WOWZIO widget is fun--thanks for pointing it out!