Tuesday, October 23, 2007


A few people were asking how my thumb is doing, so I figured a simple post would answer things.

In a word, better. With much restraint and a little prodding from husband Jeff and crafter friend Ana, I took the entire weekend off from crafting of any kind.

I think I now understand smokers' withdrawal symptoms. I had NOTHING I could do with my hands! I felt all fiddly and kept fondling my handspun yarn and untouched sock yarn. Fortunately we had a spectacular day at the market, sold over 6 dozen cookies, and between all the sales and holding down the tent that was trying valiantly to become a kite, I was occupied. I kept the brace on, except at night and in the evenings, when I did some stretches and assessed how the hand was really doing.

Right now I have yellow-blue bruising from the thumb joint to my wrist, but it's faint which means it isn't terribly close to the surface. It still hurts, and aches if I leave it below the level of my heart for too long, probably because it still is a little swollen. It's no longer twice the size of my other thumb joint, but it's still about half again as big. I type a lot at work, but it really hasn't been giving me too much trouble, since I use my right hand thumb for the spacebar.

A picture for the morbidly curious

I'm going to continue to impose the no crafting healing time on myself until Saturday. Give myself at least a whole week to recover. I am going to an anniversary party for my LYS, but I can just buy yarn and have a good time without knitting. Really I can!

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