Monday, February 25, 2008

More Highlights From the Test

I look totally fierce in this photo (doing Bo 8, if I recall correctly) Here I'm throwing Sensei Gant (who received the title of sensei at the end of our test for all his teaching). This is a funny story. Back oh, about 3 years ago, I was a blue belt at Mr. Gant's first degree black belt test. I run up, throw a wheel kick, he grabs my foot and flips me. All caught on a camera with one of those rapid shots going on. So it's like a filmstrip. During MY test, he asks Sensei Shaw if he can get in the line, does so, and throws a wheel kick. Without even hesitating, I capture it and throw him to the ground, then realize what I did and start laughing! He said afterwards it was only a little bit of a gimmie. I really did do a good throw and he was expecting it. Good times, and he's a great teacher!

Jeff broke a cinderblock with his head. Nothing I can say about that other than awesome. During the final "nailing on the belt" with Sensei Shaw, Jeff quite naturally saw an opening and put him in a headlock. The reaction from the crowd was the slow Oooooooh! When he released him, they sparred for a couple more minutes and then Shaw got is payback, punching him a little in the chest and calling him a dirty sneak. This is the exact moment I got the welt on my head.

And here's the video that was shot of my stomp kick. You can see my foot really impact the floor. That's what caused the bruising!


Diana said...

Michelle rules! And Jeff too! You two are a total inspiration to me. :-) Diana

KawaiiBakadesu88 said...

Go Michelle!
And Jeff, too!
Keep up the awesomeness!