Friday, February 15, 2008

Something told me. . .

. . . to go to the thrift store today.

I was thinking, maybe I'll find a nice white sweater I can frog, dye and sell the hanks of beautifully dyed yarn.


Maybe I'd find actual yarn! That happens.

Nope, although I did see a lady walk out with a bunch of balls that were Red Heart.

Maybe I'd find a latch hook tool that would be useful in using with my fairly new Ultimate Knitting Machine.


I saw an entire extension kit. I walked calmly over to it, looking at the poor ratty box and thinking that it was probably broken inside or half the stuff was missing.

Then I looked at the price.

And of course although I already knew it, I looked at the original price.

I figured, even if it was broken, that's less than what I'd pay for a bunch of latch hooks to make ribbing tools for myself. No risk, right?

So what was inside?

It was perfect. It doesn't even look like it's been taken out of the original cellophane.

So, thank you Christine, whomever you are whose name is on the box. Maybe you asked someone to reserve this for you, and then never came to get it. Maybe you did buy it, but then let it sit in your basement and let the box get all ratty.

And thank you, thrift store pricer who obviously only looked at the outside of the box to determine the value. Now, to be fair, this thing is worth exactly $0 to someone who doesn't already have a knitting machine. But I would have paid at least $10 for this. Just goes to show it pays to shop at thrift stores.

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