Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Farmer's Market and fun

The spinning demonstration at the market went well. A lot of really good questions and only a few silly ones.

Good questions: Are you spinning? So how does that work? What kind of fiber is that? How long does it take?

Silly questions: Are you weaving/knitting/spindling? (Actually, they get half credit for the spindling question, since that's at least close to spinning) Isn't that an old person thing to do? Why not just buy yarn from a store? What kind of thread are you making? What do you do with this? (referring to the roving, which I was at that time spinning)

Okay, so maybe there were more silly questions, but more people were asking the same good questions. My favorite was the "old person" comment. My answer was, why yes sonny, it is! (complete with warbling old-lady voice and dripping sarchasm)

I did sell one skein of handspun, which was great! I think I'll plan on taking my wheel there more often, if nothing else than to have more productivity out of the time I'm there. It also seems to just attract more people. It'd be better if it attracted more people to buy, but hopefully that'll come with time.

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Hannah said...

Yes! Please bring your wheel again! It was so much fun to watch. Now I really want one!