Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yarny Goodness

I have decided to join up with a great website called Yarny Goodness to sell my wares on comission. It is an exciting adventure, and the owner Pam is looking forward to having my handspun and handdyed rovings in her store.

Here is the first batch of stock heading off. She asks for 10 items as an opener, so I've got 4 pairs of 2 matching skeins, 2 other skeins of handspun and one roving. The roving is interesting, it's something I haven't done yet, but I had to take advantage of the roving I'd gotten from Brown Sheep which was so thin it hardly needs anything but a fluffing before spinning. So I laid it out in such a way that I (or someone who purchased it) could spin it continuously and get gradation going right through the rainbow!

Wish me luck, and please do check out Yarny Goodness, she has a lot of great stuff! She'll have a lot more great stuff when I get off my tush and mail this package to her!

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