Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Amphibians and mammals

A slight break from the wool and spinning:

A week or so ago it was raining pretty good on and off all day.  At one point, we heard this odd whirring chirp right outside our door.  Thinking it was a bird that had taken shelter we peeked out the window, but no bird.  Jeff opened the door and the chirping stopped.  We assumed he had scared away the bird.

The whirring chirp resumed an hour or so later, and this time I went to look.  There on the porch rail was a bright green tree frog.  Man, those things are loud when they're up close.

He let me get in pretty close with the camera before hopping away.
Ribbit, Ribbit
Then last night we got photographic proof of how tolerant greyhounds can be:

"You don't mind if I prop my feet here, do you?"

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