Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tour de Fleece Days 6-10

Pictures will be coming, but since we were at a friend's house this weekend, it was hard to post updates.

I finished spinning and plying that multi colored roving, and then on the day of rest (day 10) I made a new set of drop spindles.  I have 16 new wheel spindles and four new designs!  I had fun playing around with geometric shapes and came up with some pretty darn clever spindles, if I do say so myself!

Since I finished my first set of roving I"ve decided to simply continue to spindle spin throughout the remainder of TDF.  Every day, except for the rest days.  So today I start on  some superwash merino in a colorway called "Island of Misfit Toys"  It's really pretty, and I plan to spin this in a more traditional worsted prep, though I'll leave it as singles and knit a cowl, I think.  I'll see how it spins up!

As promised, a picture!

This yarn is not completely finished, as I will be using it as a demonstration of why you need to wet-finish yarn.

The skein on the left has been wet finished and hung to dry.  The skein on the right has not.  YOu can see how the plies even out and the yarn becomes much more round and happy.  I'll finish Righty after my class tomorrow evening.

Speaking of teaching spinning, I had the fun of plying yarn in front of my friends' 2-year-old, who of coursed asked what I was doing.  She then repeated "drop spindling, drop spindling" in a singsong 2-year-old voice.  Adorable.

Then when we left I got a call from her Daddy telling us that she'd taken a lacing card, and was spinning it by the yarn.  When asked what she was doing the reply was, "Playing Drop Spindle!"

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