Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tour de Fleece, Days 14 and 15

Since I spent most of yesterday at the Doctor's office (first patient visit and a physical - I check out fine!) I didn't get a ton of spindling done, but I did get my cop wound off onto a storage bobbin.  I decided to use some old Ashford bobbins for storage since they'll allow me to actually tension my lazy kate while I'm plying.  Here's the bobbin plus what I've spun so far this morning!

I also was greatly enjoying the hummingbirds this morning on the back porch.  Their wings buzzing and their cute little "deek deek" chirp.  I was able to catch this one at the feeder.  There's also a gorgeous ruby throated fellow who comes by every so often, but I wasn't  able to nab him on the camera.

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