Friday, January 25, 2008

The box.

Oh, how it strained, its precious contents threatening to burst against its unyielding cage.

With deft hand, the treasures therein released!

It breathed a sigh and yielded to my touch, swelling until it burst the confines of its cage.

But what prizes lay in store?

My eyes fell upon the smooth, crimson outlines. I reached my hand out and found it as smooth as it was glistening. I found that as much as I liked to feel it, it did not like to felt.

Next was a shy and demure, but colorful package.

I gently turned it over to reveal all its beauty

Next I caressed the silky smooth hair found at the very top of the package.

The large bulk remained, with colors of natural hues. But what will be contained when delving deeper into its mysteries? Do I see crimson? Green? navy? Oh, what spinning pleasures have I wrought for myself? Time will tell. . .


Anonymous said...

Gah, I'm totally jealous!! LOL. It's a stunning stash addition!

dawn said...

LOL! You go Girl!