Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ravelry Bars!

I have to say I love those little bars you see at the left. They are a great update for how far I am on my projects. As you can see, the kilt hose are off, the boobie hat is done, and I've cast on for a sweater for myself (finally). I realized I'd only ever made a couple of sweaters for myself, but grossly underestimated either gauge, or the matching of different dyelots. The former I've decided to steek and add fabric under the arms, where it's wayy too tight. The other is sitting in time-out until I either completely overdye it with RIT or frog it and make washcloths. I haven't decided which.

The boobie hat is awesome. I have to take a picture of it, then give it to the recipient (a certain breastfeed young man I know) and then it'll be off the bars. Hopefully I'll have the energy after karate to drag out the camera and do all the loading and stuff necessary to enact that plan.

I bought the yarn for making Mom Kass a felted vest like mine. I wanted to try my hand at doing most of the stockinette on the knitting machine, then finishing it by hand. I think it will work out well, so long as I can match gauge. It'll take some swatching, but with the knitting machine that's not too bad! I remember the hardest part about that vest was keeping my interest doing the 106 rows of stockinette. Everything else was interesting and fun. I may even be able to do some of the shaping with the Bond. . . we'll see.

Karate is really tearing me down. We even skipped Saturday class because we were too tired and sore from Thursday. I felt guilty, but we also had guests over, so I kinda had an exceuse. The weather was supposed to be icy as well. I'm looking forward to the payoff from this, in that we'll be extremely strong, coming off the January high at our belt test on Feb 23.

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