Saturday, July 21, 2007

Big Feet

So, you know what they say about a guy with big feet, right?

They wear big socks!

These are huge! I designed these socks specifically for Eric, who happens to wear 13 wide. In addition to having rather large feet, he has a tendancy to wear socks out, so I made them out of wool that will full slightly. I also made them on very small needles (for the yarn's bulky size) and crocheted the heel and toe, where they will receive the most wear. He really likes them and will be receiving them once he has carded the wool for me. By the way, that is my relatively small size 7 1/2 women's foot in comparison.

I have to say I love the barter system. I would never SELL a pair of handknit socks. Too much work goes into them. But I do like the idea of exchange of crafty labor. Eric and Ana have a drum carder, and Eric cards wool. The socks took me 15 hours to do, so he is carding wool for me for 15 hours. According to his wife, Ana, that should be about 15 batts, which is awesome. I will show off my fiber pr0n once I get it!


Anonymous said...

I may be wearing 13 wides, but that's because that's the best I could find when I bought shoes last. I'm actually a 12 1/2 regular, but you can't find those so I have to go with a 13 and have slightly floppy shoes.


Abigale said...

My little brother wears a size 15 shoe! And they're wide! I keep telling him he will not get hand knit socks from me. Ever.

He's always disappointed somehow ;-)