Friday, July 20, 2007


So while Jeff has had his friend Aaron up for the week, I have had the chance to get a bit of crafting done. First was the socks for our friend Eric, which he requested in exchange for carded wool that his wife will be washing for me. Very silly post on them later.

I did more spinning, with that Brown Sheep stuff, and actually made something akin to sock yarn! It's actually sport weight, at 14-15 WPI, so I'm going to abuse it and make it into socks for Jeff. He saw me spinning up the blue and I asked what he would think looked good plied, and he mentioned that blue/silver is one of his all-time favorite combinations of color. So these are for him!

I have done some practicing with my hackle, and produced some lovely purple roving! Pics soon. I did some experimenting blending with the wool combs that Dad and I made and discovered that I get a whole lot more waste that way. I'll keep practicing with my hackle.

The felted vest had a couple of weird spots, like the shoulders being kinda flared, so I stuck it in a sink and did some hand felting until it looked right. And it is! I will begin completion work on it on Saturday, perhaps at the Farmer's Market.

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