Wednesday, July 18, 2007


So the hackle I made isn't working as well as hoped. It's probably just me needing to practice, so I'll keep at it. The ladies on the knittyboard wanted to see what it looked like, so here it is!

My Dad and I also made a set of wool combs (in anticipation of the wool my friend Ana will be washing for me, at least whatever her husband doesn't card in exchange for the socks I made him.) Of course, AFTER I got all of the stuff together and put together the plastic hackles, did I realize I could probably just use the wool combs for the same effect. Oh well. I guess the hackles are bigger, and if I keep practicing at it I should be able to make long sections of blended roving.

Here are the wool combs. Awesome, are they not? My Dad is so cool.

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