Saturday, July 14, 2007

Project Help

My Mother gave me this sweater:

She never wears it, the style is definitely 80's, and even fixed up so that the sleeves aren't gathered and it fit her, she's not interested in wearing it again. Initially she was thinking of frogging and reusing the yarn (100% Shetland, BTW. Very soft and nice) But with all of the Fair Isle in it, I don't think that would work very well, and she'd end up with a bunch of very small hanks that not much can be done with. She then thought, why not felt it into a small purse. Then I gave her her birthday gift, which included some hand-dyed yarn. Which she is making into a small purse.

So I am stuck as to what to do with this. She would like for me to make something for her with it as a gift, probably for this Christmas if I come up with something clever enough. Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks.

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