Thursday, July 12, 2007


So, Jeff and I are back from our vacation, and I realized just how long it's been since I posted! I promise some posts tonight, especially one requesting help with a project, but I also am taking this opportunity to put down in type some craft goals for myself.

1. Spin my own sock yarn. With the superwash/nylon blend I got from Brown Sheep, probably dyed and blended on the awesome wool comb my Dad and I made together (Thanks dad!)

2. Make SOMETHING for myself out of my handspun from 2 posts ago. Still haven't decided what that'll be, but probably something to wear at the office during the summer (it gets cold here!)

3. Get rid of all UFOs. I feel like I always have so many irons in the fire, sometimes things don't get finished. I have always had this problem. (Mom, remember the Garfield pillow?) I guess I just like and am fairly good at so many different craft things that I get distracted. As Mom's Needlers group pointed out, I can be like Mary Frickin'Poppins!

4. Design and write up that sock pattern. That's what the Tofutsies were purchased for. As for publishing it, I think I'll see if it sells at the Farmer's Market, or maybe even submit it to Knitty or Magknits.

So I guess now is the time for deadlines. The Spinning goal, well, that may take a while. I'm pretty good, but I don't want bulky novelty socks. I want to spin sockweight. For that, I'll say spinning time is whenever Jeff is playing a video game. I actually have already been doing that, and that'll be pictures that hopefully will go up tonight.

I think I have it narrowed down, what I want to do with my handspun, It's this pattern. Simple, will show off the colors, and be a fairly quick project and a shawl that will stay on my shoulders if I wear it at work. I'll say that I'll cast that on when I'm done with my vest.

The Felted Vest is so close to completion that I think I can tell myself I have to have it finished by August. That way there's no chance of missing out on being able to use it this fall. Same thing for Jeff's hat. I really don't want to make him wait a whole year longer before I finish it. I think the reason why I'm procrastinating on it is because I've come to detest acrylic. I've turned in to such a yarn snob. Maybe I should make the yarn for his hat, but again, it's so close I'd hate to waste the effort put into it so far.

Designing the pattern is a little trickier, but again, I'd like to wear those tofutsies soon! Again, once the vest is out of my knitting basket, I'll put that and the handspun shawl in, then work on it as time permits.

Okay, goals set, I'm off to craft!

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