Sunday, May 4, 2008

Craftiness before leaving

I leave today for New Orleans once more. Another 2-week mobilization. I am both looking forward to it and not. Hey, the hours are fantastic. The work is interesting, and the people I actually work with are great. The people whom I am telling how to do their jobs probably aren't so much looking forward to having me back, but tough noogies! I'm definitely NOT looking forward to how hot and humid it is there, and I'm not looking forward to being 2 weeks without Jeff.

I was talking with my boss, and he thinks this will probably be my last tour. They're ramping down, especially those individuals who are not local and therefore need to get housing and flights and cars. Expensive stuff, and I'm all for the government saving money. Also, work has gotten too busy for me to really leave. In my opinion this is all just fine.

It would have been be detrimental to my career to refuse to return. I played that game once, because I hated the assignment. I went, was trained, and then wouldn't return because I hated it. This time I do actually enjoy the work. They need to get their fair investment out of me this time. The last two week stint, they really only got 6 days of work out of me, because the entire first week I was training, shadowing a number of different people rather than working. At the same time, I don't want this to be my primary job. I want my regular job to be my primary job, and this be something interesting to add on occasionally.

To top it off, I'm headed there with a decent sunburn thanks to the crappy tent. Yeah, NOT looking forward to hot weather with a sunburn.

I did get a bunch of stuff done in the past few weeks. I planted a weeping willow in the back yard where it's low and a little muddy, I planted a jasmine on the side of the porch. I'll keep it trained to a trellis rather than the porch, btu I really like the idea of that gorgeous jasmine smell when they're in bloom, just washing over the porch. Somehow seeing all that destruction made me want to beautify my little home.

I also got a lot of work done on the knee socks. They're sooooo cute! I almost want cold weather so I can wear them now! But of course I'm headed to NOLA.
Pippi 1

I don't know if I'll get its mate done before I go. Probably not, since I'm simply being anxious right now blogging at 8 in the morning with a flight at 1 PM!

I also did another dyeing of some roving. This time it was some of the roving with a black stripe down it.
I'm calling it Crayola, because, well, it reminds me of one of those 8-color boxes of Crayons!

I've made some more progress on Mom Kass' felted vest. Some frustration with the USM not counting rows accurately, but I"m hoping that felting will erase all ills. I still haven't decided what to pair with it for the neck, front and arm accents, but it will be something neutral. Perhaps I'll dye some of that Licorice Twist yarn to suit!

I definitely overpacked the yarn last time. I made 1.5 pairs of socks, but had packed enough for 7 pairs! This time I've packed enough for 3 pairs, and am planning a trip to Quarter Stitch, which is a really cute yarn shop just off of Jackson Square. This time I'm smart, planning on yarn for the return trip!

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