Thursday, May 15, 2008

I love a challenge

Heather suggested I be held to the "Sock-a-day" standard. I can never resist a challenge, but I made it a little more interesting. I used a slightly more complex pattern, Knitty's Froot Loop

How did I do?


Let's check the timestamp on that. . .

Yep, did it!


And I even started the second one that night.

It promises to rain today, which may mean an early day. Whether I'll stay motivated to keep knitting when there's something to do other than look at a landfill, CIMG1294
who knows. Certainly if the weather keeps me confined to the car, I'll be in good shape.

Thanks for the motivation Heather!

1 comment:

Heather the Cat Lady said...

You are a sock-knitting machine!!!! How do you like the Panda Wool? I have some at home I'm waiting to use.