Sunday, May 4, 2008

On cheap tents

Apparently it is NOT a good idea to buy a tent from Big Lots.

Ana, Alfie and I were at market, doing our thing and trying hard to keep the tent from blowing away. Unfortunately, the new tent doesn't have central supports. I was holding the front crosspieces, trying to prevent it from knocking in to the table and blowing over/breaking Ana's glass. Ana was farther back in the tent, in the shade and feeding Alfie. The little guy was just about to nod off, when the back crosspieces of the tent buckled, made a nice sharp point and crumpled in. . . Right on to his head! Fortunately he had a blanket on the top of his head which I think prevented that from being a much more serious injury. But then of course we can't use that tent. It's lost its structural integrity and we are NOT risking it hitting Alfie or anyone in the head again, so we take it down.

Of course, since we always have the tent, we don't have sunscreen on. Ana can't find hers that she usually carries in the car. We spend the rest of market trying our hardest to keep the sun off of Alfie, and are moderately successful. Of course I was wearing a sleeveless shirt at the time, so my shoulders are nice and pink, and I know Ana was feeling a bit of a burn as well. To their credit, even though the return policy states that a returned item must be in its original condition, Big Lots did take back the tent without question, other than concern for Alfie's injury. So, I traded in the cruddy tent for a market umbrella and stand. The market umbrella at least will be easier to stabilize in the wind (one hand rather than four corners), and will provide us with shade.

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oh my, poor alfie! i hope he was ok, and Big Lots / the manufacturer should be testing and testing to make sure this kind of thing doesnt happen.